Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NEW !! Programs of arts

the beautiful art never been perfect without knowing the Basic of all Arts...
begin with draw to make you able to create art things such as : graphic design, architecture, sculpture, photo edit, etc.
to learn about DEPTH OF FIELD or SHAPE or COLOR
all begin from MANUAL Drawing from an experience artist
and these are the Piece of Art :

usually in class...but is it effective enough? and you can't decide the time...
HERE !! we give a solution...by recruited a famous D.J. who experienced Bali and Jakarta to teach you directly...you can bring friends or just yourself...and you decide the time...

today...everyone like music...so make it your own and be a D.J.
for hobby we offer a basic class...and for professional we have a intermediate class

JOIN & CALL : 70.178.158

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